Moringa as a Treatment for Goiter

Moringa Projects

We noticed a clustering of goiters from an island in Bohol during a medical mission in 2006. Researching at ECHO Farms in Ft. Lauderdale, it appears that there is an underlying protein deficiency component to the development of goiter.  Moringa supplementation in addition to Iodine was suggested.

Moringa is a high source of protein, minerals and vitamins and has the potential in wiping out malnutrition. It is a tropical tree and can easily be grown.  We started our advocacy program in the Philippines and two of the leaders of Moringaling Foundation in the Philippines were introduced to Moringa by us. The Foundation is the national organization which monitors the quality of Moringa leaves production in this new industry.

We started a Demonstration Farm in Porac, Pampanga with a feeding program for school children. Because of limited funds, we now concentrate on growing seedlings and cuttings of Moringa trees in Pangil, Laguna, Philippines for distribution to the barrios.
This is a joint project with Barangay officials in Pangil and surrounding towns. Coupled with educational programs we hope to combat malnutrition. With excess production, Moringa can be an additional cash crop  for the people in this underdeveloped country.

Longstanding Goiter