Our mission is multifaceted, serving the needs of those in developing countries as well as those in our local communities. Overall we are concerned to alleviate those affected by poverty and circumstances that preclude them from sharing in the benefits so many of us take for granted such as medical care and access to local services such as education and legal assistance.

For more details on our programs and activities, please follow the links and descriptions below.

Medical Missions – Access to western healthcare facilities is severely lacking in many developing countries, in particular the more remote regions of those territories. We are committed to providing medical care to the local communities, working in partnership with healthcare providers on the ground, to alleviating such conditions that can be effectively treated by western medicine. In addition we are concerned to provide as much lasting support to these communities in the form of sustainable relief in the form of training and equipment wherever possible.

Moringa – malnutrition is a serious issue of poverty in many countries, and it contributes to many of the medical issues we see on an ongoing basis. WOF is committed to development of moringa as a potential solution to these problems.

Empowering Women – healthcare for women, particularly reproductive healthcare, is often seriously lacking in developing countries. Providing reproductive consultations and assistance is a key part of many of the missions we undertake.

Homeless Student Program – closer to home, WOF is committed to helping homeless students in the Kansas City area who find themselves disadvantaged in the school and eductational systems through the fact of their homelessness and their inability to navigate the legal system to assist themselves.